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IT Surveillance Solutions

At Rx Technology, we understand the immense value in protecting your most precious assets. However, installation of security cameras, card readers, and access control systems can be a daunting task to install in-house. Therefore at Rx Technology, we are dedicated to creating affordable IT surveillance solutions for our clients. Network surveillance technology can include:

  • Installation of security cameras and control rooms so that you can be aware of what’s happening in every corner of your business at all times. Insight is key to success.
  • Various forms of access control, including card readers, retina scans, and omnilock systems so that you can limit access to precious resources, documents, and information to a select number of employees.
  • Full design support and client information systems to keep track of every aspect of your business.
  • The security blueprint, designed to help plan various surveillance technologies throughout your building on site.

Rx Technology’s network surveillance solutions can be used in isolation and as an entire infrastructure system. We believe in adjusting to the unique needs of our client base. Your business could be small, only requiring one surveillance camera, or it could be an entire enterprise, requiring access control rooms, multiple surveillance cameras, and card scan technology. Regardless of your unique needs, at Rx Technology, we have all your surveillance technology needs covered.

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