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Managed Disaster Recover/Backup San Antonio, TX

Managed Disaster Recover Backup

Data Storage and Backup Services

Paper documents can get lost. Word documents can be deleted. Even hard drives can be wiped of important data that businesses rely on. In case of emergency, one should be prepared. Unfortunately, for most companies, the possibility of disaster is often forgotten or pushed off as something that could happen in a far off future, if at all. Companies often fall into this idyllic idea of how their business should run, and fail to protect themselves for a time when their data might fail. The problem is, disaster can strike at any time and businesses are often caught scrambling to fix an issue that could have been proactively mitigated. This is why Rx Technology provides multiple back-ups and disaster recovery solutions relating to the destruction, loss, and deletion of important files, data, and documents. Typical backup and disaster recovery solutions include:

  • The use of cloud data services that ensure that company documents and important data is never lost, but remain only a few clicks away.
  • Use of archival recovery software designed to give clients the ability to reference prior recovery states within data (an example includes providing a record of previous word document save states or versions, allowing the employee the ability to access/manipulate the content of the document that right before it was changed).
  • Offsite cloud coverage.
  • Periodic health checks that ensure that data isn’t lost or damaged.

At Rx Technology, disaster backup and recovery services for businesses allow us to strategize and implement long term solutions with our clientele for problems that could strike at any time. Be prepared. If you’re interested in our disaster backup and recovery services you can call us at (210) 828-6081 or email us at sales@rx-tech.com for more information.

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