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Network Consulting San Antonio, TX

Network Consulting

Network IT Service and IT Support

Rx Technology understands the importance of network consulting solutions and how important it is for the lifecycle of the company. Without a clear IT strategy in place to manage network infrastructure, detect threats and maintain system efficiency, companies will find themselves without any ability to operate some of the most crucial aspects of their business. Rx Technology offers Total Network consulting so that you not only learn about the IT aspects of your company but also so you are able to manage and maintain it as well as defend against any ongoing threats. Common pitfalls that occur when companies don’t choose network consulting solutions include:

  • Data loss-it’s easy for companies to lose sensitive data through accidental tampering, cyber attacks, and system failure. Rx Technology’s network consulting services will help show your company how to retain and maintain sensitive data through the use of internet failovers, and disaster and backup network recovery.
  • The absence of a Comprehensive Network Health Check – your network might not be running as efficiently as you think. Company software could be outdated, network security could be vulnerable to breach, or network design could be inefficient. At Rx Technology, we believe in providing a blueprint that will give a company an overall picture of the health and maintenance of the network as a whole.
  • Insufficient Security Checks – the ability to protect your assets is essential to the long term health of any business. Part of Rx Technology’s practice involves educating clients about possible weaknesses in their network infrastructure, as well as providing examples of how those weaknesses can be exploited. Security methods will also be covered, as well as recommendations on how to reinforce security that’s already in place.

Are you ready to become part of the Rx Technology family and take advantage of our network consulting services? If so, you can reach us at (210) 828-6081 and we’ll be happy to help.

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