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Typically, internal IT is built around a core of ideas that your organization focuses on, as well as what network systems mean to them. Some organizations focus on helpdesk more, or they rely on a team of engineers to keep their systems up and running. Each engineer brings their own skill set of technology systems. What do you do when one of those engineers moves on or doesn’t work out? Bringing on a new employee can be daunting, even while you know what you are looking for, you may find that the person you see on a resume doesn’t end up being the skill you were looking for in practice. There are alternatives to replacing a staff member, one of which would be to hire a Managed IT Services organization to fill in the gaps. The benefits of hiring a Managed IT Services organization are:

  • Access to a team of technicians with varied skill sets and certifications. Instead of one individual that may or may not have all of the skills and knowledge you are looking for, you could gain access to an entire team of professionals that have different experiences to bring to the table. Managed IT Services provides a broad range of knowledge and certifications your organization can tap into.
  • A suite of tools for monitoring, disaster recovery, and support is usually available for your organization or business when utilizing Managed IT Services. Additionally, your organization can leverage their economy of scale in regards to monitoring and patching software for desktops, anti-virus, remote viewing support software, network, and security monitoring software for a fraction of the cost of purchasing directly. These tools are often provided by default and automatically generate tickets for critical alerts bringing attention to a situation much quicker than relying on end-user input.
  • Manning a helpdesk is painful, and retaining help desk employees can be difficult. With an IT Support company handling your helpdesk calls, you can have your high-value technical workers stay focused on critical applications and services, while ensuring all of your employees can get help with desktop is another advantage with automatic escalations; Internal IT staff can be kept current on all situations and even assign work as needed.
  • Get extra assistance for projects or large implementations without having to train staff or temporary workers. Whether it’s moving offices, organization-wide technology refresh, or inventory of technology devices, it’s much easier to leverage an IT Support company that has knowledgeable staff and processes designed around deployments.

Consider looking at an outsourced IT firm to help with internal tasks, whether it’s for highly specialized work or simply providing end-user support. With a team of highly skilled knowledge workers that a Managed IT Service organization brings you can ask for as little or as much support as your organization often requires for less than the cost of one salaried IT professional.

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