Is it time to ditch an old computer?

Maybe you got a brand new, top-of-the-line laptop for Christmas, or maybe you’re doing a routine upgrade of your equipment. If it’s time to get rid of an old computer, you might be in need of some advice.

Clean It Up

There is an abundance of personal information stored on your computer hard drive. Even the most careful users among us need to be extra careful that the device is clean before selling or recycling. The main concern with computers is how much personal information they can have stored on the hard drive.

  1. Deauthorize programs. You probably have certain programs that require paid subscriptions or that can only be used on a certain number of devices at a time. Deauthorize these now, cancel subscriptions, and remove those programs so that you can move them safely to a new device.
  2. Delete browsing history. Locate your browser settings or preferences and delete your history, including cache, passwords, cookies, etc.
  3. Delete sensitive files. For additional security, you can download a program like File Shredder to find any sneaky files and destroy them. For Apples and PCs with SSDs, encrypt the drive instead. This create a password that only you have access to, so that no future owners of your device can read any leftover files.
  4. Wipe it clean!. Different computer models have slightly differing procedures for this, but you’ll need to erase and reinstall the operating system. This step is similar to a “Factory Reset” on your phone. For PCs in particular, you may need to download an additional program to help.

Now what?

Once your computer is clean and ready to go, you have several options in front of you. Non-profit organizations like schools and libraries would love a tax-deductible donation of your lightly used computer. Many stores will also accept a trade-in for a discount or store credit. There are also only services that can help, but you want to be sure you’re working with a reputable company.

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