What’s the Difference Between IT Services and IT Consulting?

In an industry built on technical terminology, data, and analytics, we know the jargon can be overwhelming to clients and customers. Terms like Business Intelligence, IT Services, IT Support, Software Consulting, and Network Consulting may be difficult to distinguish. And from an IT perspective, these things often bleed into one another, making it hard to tell where one ends and another one begins.

IT Consulting

IT Consultants may be an easier term to unpack. IT Consulting involves offering guidance to clients and organizations, providing the best options for overall IT strategy and planning to the type of functionality needed to make your job, the job of your employees, and the experience of your customers the easiest it can possibly be. An IT Consultant can help you decide what should be housed in a data center instead of the cloud, guide you in decisions about network security and network setup.

IT Consulting is about helping clients reach their goals, but it’s also about helping clients understand how to prevent issues around implementation, system operations, and security. Customers may not see problems now, but an IT Consultant can provide insight that may save time and money down the road.

IT Services

IT Consulting and IT Services often go hand-in-hand. An IT Consultant will be able to guide a customer, but, like Rx Technology, they may also be able to offer the services they recommend. In our case, as we offer a wide variety of services and options, we are able to determine the best solutions for your organization and we are also able to find the most efficient way to achieve those solutions. By keeping everything “in house,” we can ensure that you are making the most of your time and money.

Why Should I Use an IT Consulting Company?

Professional IT Consultants have a deep knowledge base in the technology industry. As experts in our field, chances are we already have experience working with companies like yours with similar needs.

Additionally, hiring an IT Consulting company, like Rx Technology, offers significant savings over hiring a full-time employee or staff to handle your IT Services and IT Support needs. Our consultants are available when you need us.

Become More Strategic with a Business Intelligence System

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