HIPAA Compliance: Protect Your Patient Health Information

Rx Technology Offers a Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Solution

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Rx Technology can help you successfully navigate HIPAA Compliance and protect your Patient Health Information (PHI). As part of our comprehensive plan, we supply a BAA for our network services and have plans in place for mitigation, but we take your HIPAA compliance one step further and provide you with a complete HIPAA compliance model called The Guard™.

The Guard™ Ensures HIPAA Compliance

Using a multifaceted approach, The Guard™ ensures your email, phone service, data storage, servers and more are HIPAA compliant. Here’s how we do that:


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  • All Six Required HIPAA Compliance Audits. Initial and regular HIPPA Compliance audits cover the six required audits around Privacy, Administrative, and Security Risk Assessment.
  • Encryption for PHI. Best Effort network management and compliance starts with encryption.
  • Employee Training for Physical Access. We help deliver end-user training not just for PHI but best practices internally.
  • Business Association Agreement. We stand by our services in securing our relationship with a BAA, a crucial step in HIPAA compliance.
  • Reporting and Document Control. Full reporting includes document version control for data protection.
  • Gap Identification. While GAP analysis isn’t a complete solution, it’s a critical step in establishing risk and mitigating issues.
  • Incident Management. Incident response requires a quick and thorough assessment after the fact. Be prepared even if it’s never required.
  • Remediation Planning. Having documentation in place and proof of Best Effort protects organizations from exposure and reduces their response requirements.
  • Compliance and Coaching. Continued coaching and document for all six audits keeps your organization safe at all times.

HIPAA Compliant Email, Phone Service, Data Storage and More

If you require HIPAA Compliance, contact Rx Technology. No matter what system you have in place, our team can help you meet all HIPAA requirements. Call us today at (210) 610-7768.

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