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Structured Cabling

San Antonio, TX

Structured Cabling

Rx Technology isn’t just responsible for software, it’s also a premier IT construction company. Structured cable design and installation is a key strategic asset. Structured cabling solutions involves many things, most notably:

  • Planning and budgeting for structured cabling installation.
  • Site surveys and consideration of architectural construction. You have to understand the architectural make-up of the building before you can create a design plan for cabling solutions.
  • Structuring of cable pathways and implementation of design.
  • Installation of fiber optic, copper, coaxial and Ethernet cables, along with shafts, walkways, and networks that can be maintained for the life of the company.

In addition to providing all the above services, Rx Technology understands that structured cabling solutions shouldn’t be messy. As a structured cable service company we understand that wireless interfaces can also be implemented in a manner that encourages less confusion and hassle in the event of system hiccups. The more simplistic the design is, the better. When you decide to go with Rx Technology, we’ll take the hard stuff off your hands and shoulder the burden of installing cabling in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner. Through simplistic design, problems become less intimidating and easy to solve.

Are you interested in learning more about Rx Technologies structured cable installation services? If so, you can phone us at (800) 968-6081.

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