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Rx Technology offers managed physical security solutions to protect employees, data, and sensitive products for San Antonio-area businesses and organizations. Our managed security services offer clients an array of business security system options, with security cameras for businesses and various other integrated technologies to keep you safe. We offer custom security and surveillance services that include design, installation, maintenance and cloud-based monitoring of your security services.

Rx Technology also offers a full suite of surveillance solutions for your business.

Benefits of Managed Physical Security and Surveillance

In addition to a safer, more secure physical plant, our managed security solutions have specific benefits, including:

  • Video save states for easy retrieval
  • Data record and retention
  • Physical and cloud-based technology for on-site or remote surveillance
  • Monitored live feeds for real-time awareness of security-related events, especially in case of an emergency
  • Incident prevention through use of analytics

Rx Technology Installs Custom Security and Surveillance Solutions

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