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Internet Failover San Antonio, TX

Internet Failover

Data & Network Failover Solutions

High-speed Internet is vital for a business that conducts any form of communication with customers, employees or suppliers. The Internet is the lifeline of your business network in a web-based society and economy. A network failure can spell catastrophe for any company. A company’s network can fail for any reason including viruses, cyber attack or even something as simple as system overload. Network downtime results in lost revenue. No business wants a network failure to disrupt their work.

As such, Internet failovers are an important asset for any business. The process of transferring data and tasks from a failed system to a similar functioning system is crucial to avoid business disruption. Internet failover solutions involve having a backup ISP an (internet service provider) that can help companies stay afloat in case their primary network fails. That way, a company can be safe in knowing that:

  • The company has access to critical files, documents, and data at all times.
  • Network infrastructure is secure.
  • The system as a whole will have 24/7 access to clients, services, and important documentation.
  • Secures the ability of the company to reach its customer base.

Furthermore, not only would server failover assist their clients in the aforementioned ways, it will preemptively detect ISP disruption and react without any of company employees having to lift a finger. This ensures smooth business continuation in critical times.

Rx Technology is ready to help you with your Internet failover needs. Call us today at (210) 828-6081 for a free consultation.

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