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Often in IT services, we find that even the most well-intentioned support staff can overlook some of the simplest protections or best practices when it comes to your organization’s network. If they focus on a break-fix model, for instance, they may not want to charge you to upgrade computer OS’s and apply patches to save money, but the truth is patches provide the most basic support for your network and prevent intrusions more often than anti-virus applications or firewalls. The primary reason for most intrusions and data loss are unpatched applications that allow for a hacker to leverage malware to gain access to your systems through tricking certain applications into allowing them access.

Equifax was breached relatively easily due to unpatched web services that the hackers got access to by doing remote scan of the network and determining the weakness. Once they found that it was unpatched, they were able to run a script to insert themselves front and center into the application to gain access to millions of accounts. Obviously, this is a worst case scenario but can you imagine a competing company or a spurned ex-employee gaining access to your account lists to share or sell to the highest bidder? We protect our accounts as carefully as we can because that information allows competing organizations to determine who they should be targeting for sales. Even if you treat them well, there’s always a chance someone will be able to convince the competitor that you aren’t doing everything you can in their best interest. For every account you lose it’s going to take two more to become whole again.

At Rx Technology, we strive to provide the most information about your network, and any weaknesses we spot in your environment. With a network assessment, we review all access information, accounts that are no longer used by may still be viable for logging on to your network, application and OS patches. The report provided will guide you in easy to understand terms on how best to approach improvements for your network and help you gain insight into your technology without the intimidation of trying to understand how the infrastructure communicates. Rx Technology has been doing technology assessments for over ten years providing valuable information to the customer to make informed decisions about their network services and how best to approach new technology and security.

A full network assessment that includes vulnerabilities and remediation will cost $2,500 or more based on the number of devices and complexity of your network. For a limited time, we’re offering this assessment for free for those that sign up. Submit your request today, and we’ll reach out to schedule your appointment and assessment as soon as possible!

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