Contactless Elevated Body Temperature Detection

Rx Technology Now Installs Thermal Detection Systems for San Antonio Businesses

May 20, 2020

Protect you clients, staff and business with instant detection and alerting of elevated body temperatures using the latest thermal camera technology.

Thermal Monitoring Detection Alert

Thermal imaging is used for fever screening and detection at airports, seaports and in public places, to help prevent the spread of illness such as Covid-19. Rather than using and cleaning a regular ear thermometer on every person that walks through your business, thermal imaging cameras scan large number of people and can instantly alert you when an elevated body temperature is found.

Benefits of Contactless Body Temperature Detection

  • Highly accurate temperature detection. Modified ≤0.3ºC (emissivity, distance, ambient temperature, etc.).
  • Multiple detections at once. Up to 40 target temperatures measured at once at a distance of 3-5 meters.
  • Accurate face tracking in real time. A face recognition algorithm is used to accurately measure the temperature of a persons face.
  • Bi-spectrum dual channel all-weather real-time monitoring. Visible light is all that is required to capture the human face, allowing the thermal imaging to monitor body temperature in a variety of conditions.

Contact Rx Technology to Install Thermal Detection Systems

With many businesses in Texas reopening, we anticipate this service to be needed. Do your due diligence and help take care of the people you serve and your employees with a Thermal Detection System. Call us at (210) 828-6081, email us at sales@rx-tech.com or fill out the form below to take the first steps to helping safeguard our community.

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