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Scoring Big by Blending Internal IT with Managed IT Services

Typically internal IT is built around a core of ideas that your organization focuses on, as well as what network systems mean to them. Some organizations focus on helpdesk more, or they rely on a team of engineers to keep their systems up and running. Each engineer brings their own skill set of technology systems. [...]

What does an IT Support Company do?

Choosing an IT support company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. With the amount of technology innovation over the last ten years, it’s imperative that organizations focus on their infrastructure improvements not just on business strategies for growth. To remain competitive businesses need to update their IT strategies [...]

Understanding Enterprise Wireless vs. Consumer Grade Deployments

One topic that comes up frequently here at Rx Technology is wireless connectivity. More organizations than ever are looking to ditch the cable in return for monitoring and connecting users over the air. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not a time to go the local electronics boutique when it comes to your business. Normally [...]

Top 6 Issues for HIPAA Network Compliance

Rx Technology works with dozens of medical organizations daily on securing Patient Health Information (PHI). Often when we begin medical staff and administrators don’t understand the complexities of network communication and often fail to comply with all of the requirements. We would be the first to admit that they aren’t always that easy to follow, [...]

Seven Benefits of partnering with the right Managed Services Provider

Managing IT services in the organization can be a real headache. Trying to stay ahead of technology changes while staying within a budget is difficult to manage even if you have internal staff. Day to day support and moving projects forward can be overwhelming even if your IT department is fully staffed. As a leader [...]

Ransomware and Protecting Organizational Data

For the last ten years, we have been fighting an organizational scourge that threatens all levels of the SMB marketplace. This problem is ransomware, a malicious file distribution system targeting users of email by tricking them into installing malware. Once the program establishes itself, it will find all shared files that the user has permissions to view and [...]

Outsource your IT or hire internally

As more companies move towards a managed IT services model to service their technology needs there are still questions on how best to implement that technology. Some companies struggle with the decision whether to outsource their IT or hire someone internally. We’re sharing a few of those concerns below to help you decide your support [...]

Why you should choose a network health assessment from a neutral 3rd party, IT Support firm

Often in IT services, we find that even the most well-intentioned support staff can overlook some of the simplest protections or best practices when it comes to your organization's network. If they focus on a break-fix model, for instance, they may not want to charge you to upgrade computer OS’s and apply patches to save [...]

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing, Malware, and Ransomware Attacks – at Work and Home

We’ve all heard horror stories from friends or co-workers about Ransomware and locking files only to find out that backups weren’t effective, or worse those backups became corrupted by the infection. At least once a month we hear from organizations looking to recover files without paying the ransom and often it just isn’t possible. It [...]

How to protect yourself against Ransomware or other Malware

What is the weakest link in your organization? Since attackers commonly use social engineering to infect users training becomes imperative to educating your employees about the signs of social engineering. Email is the most common way of influencing end users and leaves them vulnerable on a variety of levels since we all use email as [...]

Five essential steps to make sure you’re HIPAA compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, otherwise known as HIPAA, is a standard for protecting patient health information. You may have heard of instances where patient records were found in a dumpster (multiples times here in San Antonio over the last decade), or data breaches like the one that happened to a well know [...]

A strong case for Managed Security Services

As you probably have heard Equifax was hacked and up to 143 million people have had their Social Security numbers and other data stolen. Aside from the fears and problems this brings about, let alone the fact that this is a company that along with two other credit data storing organizations, controls your financial future [...]

Cybersecurity for Small to Medium Business

As we rely more and more on technology to run our organizations, it is becoming imperative to learn how that technology is also used against us. A secure environment to protect our customer data is our mission in IT support, and it is a never-ending challenge to evolve with threats as they emerge. There are [...]