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Access Control San Antonio, TX

Access Control

Access Control Network Security

At Rx Technology we understand that access control network security is an essential part of any business. In one example, the access control system might identify a person attempting to access a file or network and check their credentials against a pre-approved array of authorized employees. After this, the system blocks or grants access, notifying the administrator of the system in the process. Despite how seamless this hypothetical system sounds, many companies often overlook access control systems for fear they are too expensive or overly complex. However, not having a system like this in place can make a company vulnerable to cyber attacks, viruses and employee infringement upon precious resources. Of course, this simple system isn’t the only way in which your assets will be protected. Access control is one of the most versatile IT solutions, and is comprised of many different facets:

  • In businesses both large and small it can allow or block access to various rooms and sectors of the building depending on who’s trying to access them.
  • It can protect the integrity of your network by only allowing administrative logins at certain ‘choke-points’ within the system.
  • It offers a clear chain of command protocol that outlines employee rank with respect to various systems.
  • It ultimately serves as another layer of security, specifically when combined with IT surveillance solutions.
  • It can implement ‘fail safes’ such as when an unknown device or source attempts to gain access to a part of the network – the network can simply disconnect the source from the system.

Using these forms of security maintenance and more, Rx Technology will ensure that your important assets are safe and sound.

Rx Technology is capable and ready to help customers implement these benefits. Call us at (210) 828-6081 for a free consultation.

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