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Managed Surveillance

Surveillance Managed Solutions

Without a security system in place, a business will leave itself exposed to vulnerability. At Rx Technology, we believe that safety is of the utmost importance within the business landscape. As such, Rx offers managed surveillance solutions to everyday problems to help preemptively protect employees, data, and sensitive products. Our surveillance managed services comprises many different facets, offering our clients a plethora of options for all their managed surveillance services needs. Through the implementation of both video surveillance and various other technologies, we’re able to ensure that video save states is constantly on record waiting to be retrieved. Surveillance managed solutions commonly involve many different factors, including:

  • Record and retention of data.
  • A holistic blending of physical and cloud-based technology.
  • Monitored live feeds to give our clients real-time awareness of various events, especially in case of an emergency.
  • Analytics for incident prevention.

Taking advantage of these benefits will ensure that our clientele is prepared for any emergencies that may occur. It offers a preventative advantage, and though most companies would rather save money by overlooking surveillance managed solutions, it ultimately helps to protect the assets of the company that chooses to utilize it. By recognizing the importance of managed surveillance solutions, one will be prepared for any contingencies.

If you are prepared to take steps to ensure your most important assets are safe? We’ll be happy to help. Call Rx Technology today at (210) 828-6081.

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