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As an Outsourced Solutions Provider, Rx Technology has provided comprehensive Outsourced Help Desk Services in San Antonio since 1995. Our specialists leverage deep relationships with top technology brands to solve your toughest IT challenges and provide you with the best IT services in San Antonio!


Whilst IT is one of the most relied on departments of any business, recruiting and managing an internal help desk department comes at a high investment. Our fully managed outsourced help desk services alleviates these problems. We act as your strategic IT partner and expert team, providing bespoke outsourced help desk services in San Antonio!


Having outsourced help desk services means you can concentrate on running your business and let us handle your complete tech requirement, delivering our full productivity and protection suite across your organization.


We create the perception with your end user that the help desk is a department within your business and not an external partner. In facilitating this we work closely in partnership with your business, building relationships with key stakeholders, getting to know your IT environment and understanding what is important to your business.


Having an IT plan in place is mandatory for success in today’s business environment. Our outsourced help desk services in San Antonio are tailored to your needs. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, we listen to your unique situation and create IT solutions for any IT need or problem you face.


Outsourced Help Desk Services In San Antonio


Outsourced Help Desk Solutions


With our outsourced help desk services in San Antonio, it’s like having your own IT department. We will act as your strategic technology partner, who knows your business inside out. Our all-inclusive managed IT support experts will maintain and manage your IT infrastructure and support your business.


At Rx Technology we specialize in the effective, efficient and economical provision of outsourced help desk services in San Antonio. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in Information Technology we deliver successful solutions to a diverse range of clients.


Outsourcing help desk to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), like Rx Technology, could be the right move for your business right now. It could enable your business to deliver and implement IT infrastructure change, whilst benefiting from a reliable external resource


No matter what type of help desk outsourcing services your business needs, we can provide you with a complete and customized turnkey solution based on your unique IT needs.


At Rx Technology, we can help businesses plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve the way they in which they do business.  With our outsourced help desk services in San Antonio, we take the complexity and confusion out of selecting and managing the right IT solutions for your budget, allowing you the time that you need to focus on running your business.


Whether you need an expert IT solution, computer repair, or help with your existing security system, our outsourced help desk services in San Antonio can help you achieve your business goals. We understand the needs of medium or small businesses and strive to provide services that go above and beyond what’s expected of managed IT support services!


Benefits of Outsourced IT Services in San Antonio


Running a business relies heavily on IT systems. Because of this, problems and issues with IT systems can cause considerable difficulties for your business. Having a dedicated outsourced IT services in place means that you have access to highly specialized expertise and resources as and when you need them.


There are numerous advantages of IT outsourcing for both small businesses and huge enterprises. Being a great strategic tool, it can offer more than just cost-saving opportunities. So, what are the advantages of our outsourced help desk services?


Our help desk services in San Antonio are designed to ensure that you get the most productive use from your current IT infrastructure and that the service is both affordable and efficient.


Our help desk outsourcing services allow your organization to benefit from the most highly qualified, certified and technical staff anywhere your team is located. Unlike other outsourced service desk providers, Rx Technology strives to deliver exemplary managed IT support and managed IT services at all times.


We ensure your IT system works day and night so your customers and potential customers can reach you. But aside from giving you a high level of confidence in your IT systems and reducing your technical worries there are other benefits of our help desk services.


Other benefits of our outsourced help desk services include:


  • 24/7 computer network monitoring. Prevent or quickly resolve issues.
  • Reliable and secure computer network. We think about your computer network so you don’t have to.
  • Frequent performance audits. Systems and application performance management to detect, diagnose, and solve problems before you even know about them.
  • Recover quickly from data and security disasters. Data backup and recovery can help your business recover from an emergency, getting you back on your feet ASAP.
  • Personable IT support when you need it the most. Unlimited IT support for all desktop and server issues.
  • We help you when it’s time to upgrade or expand your IT Support or IT Services. Rx Technology provides IT consulting for future technology purchases and network infrastructure changes so you’ll never be behind the curve or your competitors.
  • Never setup a computer again. We will install and maintain business productivity products such as anti-virus protection and Microsoft Office 365 for current and future employees.


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Are you looking to improve your business operations? A better implementation of technological solutions is your key. Using our outsourced IT services will dramatically increase overall efficiency throughout your entire business. No matter what you are looking for Rx Technology, can help you.


Our solutions and services are created, developed, installed, monitored and supported by our team of local, experienced, trained and certified technical experts, who continue to deliver on our impressive range of achievements.


Motivated by a commitment to customer care and genuine interest in how current technologies can benefit organizations, our business is to support your IT decision-making, support your infrastructure and support your users, now and into the future. Contact us today and find out how we can support your business.


Outsourced Help Desk In San Antonio


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