Seven Benefits of partnering with the right Managed Services Provider

Managing IT services in the organization can be a real headache. Trying to stay ahead of technology changes while staying within a budget is difficult to manage even if you have internal staff. Day to day support and moving projects forward can be overwhelming even if your IT department is fully staffed.

As a leader in the SMB market, partnering with the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be the secret to your IT success. With a good Managed Service Provider partner labor costs can be greatly reduced, and IT services can be delegated. This will allow your internal staff to focus on projects and frees their time from “putting out fires”.

Managed Service Providers have a variety of tools that allow them insight into managing your network from monitoring services like internet connectivity or critical services stopping to managing patches or rolling out new software updates. Affordable options that help to streamline your processes and managing your network that takes staff can be delegated to a Managed Service Provider to provide a proactive level of support by creating tickets for these issues automatically and addressing problems often before your users are aware of an issue to prevent lapses in productivity.

Managed Service Providers can provide all or a portion of network services, so you can hire internally with help, or they can run your entire infrastructure. Often full services can be offered for less than hiring an internal staff with unlimited potential for access to several techs with a broad range of experience.

So how can partnership with a Managed IT Services like Rx Technology help you?

  1. IT experts available 24/7 – Stuff happens, not every day but when it does you want to be ready. If the server crashes Saturday night most organizations will find out Monday morning as staff realizes they are unable to log in. Rx will notify you as soon as the server goes offline to get access and remediate.
  2. Enhanced Security – Managing simple tasks like patches for operating systems all the way to managing the firewall proactively and watching for anomalies in network behavior are the bread and butter of our Managed Service Provider. Economies of scale give us unlimited potential in sophisticated systems at a fraction of the cost of a single organization to acquire the tools independently.
  3. Vendor Management – Rx takes the burden of managing multiple vendors and systems which can save you money and time. We’ll take over contacting the ISP or other support vendor to allow your staff the time to focus on internal services rather than sitting on the phone tied up with one issue. You have access to a team of experts to address different needs of your infrastructure instead of one person trying to be the “Jack of all trades”, simultaneously being able to address needs within multi-location sites with diverse infrastructure environments.
  4. Cloud Solutions – As more applications are being deployed in the cloud, you need a partner that understands the complexity of cloud integrations and management. Rx serves as your cloud expert, providing support, analytics, and integrations. Rather than relying on internal resources to become experts on how various applications you can count on Rx to have the experience from thousands of cloud deployments to insure successful launches and ongoing support.
  5. Affordable access to the latest hardware and software – Rx can save your business thousands of dollars while ensuring that you are up to date on all the latest and greatest hardware and software. We become an extension of your organization and can anticipate which applications and integrations you will need to optimize your business. Because of our relationships with a wide range of vendors and their status as a value-added reseller, we can negotiate the best price for whatever you need.
  6. Cost Savings vs. a dedicated internal IT team – Budgets are tight for SMBs, and having a dedicated staff on hand to solve complex issues can be expensive. Under-staffing IT can lead to constant issues and unexpected downtimes, while having internal IT staff sitting idle wastes critical company funds. By giving your support to a trusted Managed Service Provider, like Rx Technology, you receive enterprise class support well within an SMB budget. Imagine getting an entire support staff dedicated to maintaining your network for less than the cost of hiring one IT person!
  7. Peace of mind – Having a dedicated Managed Service Provider that streamlines your business and serves as a single point of contact for all your vendors provides invaluable peace of mind. With the right Managed Service Provider partner, small and mid-sized business leaders can rest easy, knowing that their network is secure. They will always have the software and hardware they need to run efficiently, and there will always be someone on hand to help when systems go down.

Your Managed Service Provider partner can also help design a cloud solution that utilizes technologies to improve your day-to-day operations without the need to hire and train your own internal IT team. A high-value Managed Service Provider partner like Rx Technology takes care of all your IT issues so you can focus on running your business.

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