What does an IT Support Company do?

Choosing an IT support company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. With the amount of technology innovation over the last ten years, it’s imperative that organizations focus on their infrastructure improvements not just on business strategies for growth. To remain competitive businesses need to update their IT strategies along with internal processes.

But what is an IT support company?

Also known as Managed Services Provider (MSP), an IT support company is built around a group of IT specialists who make up the core of the company’s IT team. This team provides support for several different organizations serviced by the IT support company or MSP.

Their experience in cloud services such as server hosting, desktop hosting, file storage, or backup and disaster recovery services, not just one company but they share that support cost across hundreds of businesses in the area they support. With a pool of knowledge workers, an IT support company can offer comprehensive services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a cadre of technology employees. With on-demand helpdesk, your employee’s can submit tickets or call the support line for immediate attention to problems faced in working with technology. Keeping your employee’s productive and reducing internal needs, you can focus on what makes your business grow.

What does an IT support company do?

There are two facets to IT companies support plan. The first is fixing issues with technology, but they go one step further. They look to remediate the underlying problems with technology systems to alleviate additional calls. Correcting core issues drives productivity on the organization side and helps drive profitability on the IT services side.

A good MSP or IT services company will provide a monitoring service for all desktops and servers to report on issues before they are widely known, think of this as an early alerting system that gives the technology support company time to address the issue quickly.

Another facet of IT support is creating a ticket. Some companies provide ticket submission via email or a portal; another great offering is allowing employees to call with quick issues to talk to a live technician to tackle easier problems quickly over the phone.

Preventative Care for your Network

Much like medical care is focusing more on managing risk rather than waiting for unmonitored issues to become full-blown problems, IT services work with your company to co-author technology solutions to stay ahead of current trends before they become a problem. If you work with a business application that has a substantial upgrade, you’ll want to know if your current desktops are ready to handle the new application needs before the update occurs. Understanding how your organization does business is another critical component, so services and trends match your business goals and create alignment between both agencies.

Preventative planning also includes providing great backup services or full disaster recovery plans to keep your data safe in the event of a simple power outage, ransomware and malware, or something much more devastating.

Other preventative care services:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Offsite Cloud Backup
  • Business Continuity
  • High Availability

There are several services offered by IT support companies.

  • Workstation and Server – patching and optimizing systems consistently for security and stability.
  • Infrastructure planning – understanding of components like servers and switches but also of cabling and connecting those systems.
  • Employee turnover planning – having a cookie cutter routine to follow when employees move or change is critical to reducing costs.
  • Ethical phishing – training employees to become human firewalls, protecting organizational data at the source.
  • Email migration and hosting – converting from internal email systems to external or from one service to another it’s important to have a partner that has the depth of skill for a smooth transition.
  • IT projects – if you aren’t ready to go full outsourced IT or you have a fully trained staff currently IT services organizations can deliver project management for any infrastructure or connected environment projects that may be too large or time consuming for your current team.

What happens after you decide to hire an IT support company?

The IT support company will need to access your existing systems and processes to make the best recommendations for a mutually beneficial agreement. The assessment may be a review of your current systems, servers, desktops, or firewall and switches, or a complete scan of all devices to understand what condition they are currently in and what needs to be updated or corrected to move to a preventative care solution with an IT support services company. It may seem daunting at first but after the initial assessment things can move quickly and your organization can start realizing improved support services right away.

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